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Nor was the material desola- tion of the country the worst of its afflictions. Another incident of their missionary life together is thus related by Jordan : " I have it from the lips of blessed Bertrand himself he says, " that as he was one day journeying in the company of the blessed Father, a furious tempest broke. " Bertrand of Garrigua says Jordan, " was the companion of the blessed Dominic, one of

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the very first whom he met with in the country of the Albigenses." In fact Bertrand had been before him in that field of labour, having joined the company. The charm of his preaching won the good-will of the citizens, and according to Polidori, his aunt, Donna Sancia Guzman, purchased a piece of land called las Sageras, used as a burial-place for the Jews outside the walls, and gave it for the site. In like manner, if any one desire to found a new religious house, let him be careful that it observe the rule and constitutions of one of the approved Orders." Not, therefore, to act in positive contradiction to a principle so recently and distinctly laid. He gave them the Rule.

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" His companions sharply reproved him, saying he had broken the Rule by speaking to a secular. Remain, one which, together with that of Prouille, was always specially dear to the saint as first among the foundations of his Order. The utmost that can be said is, that in this method of reciting prayers we see what Pere Danzas calls a certain prelude to the use of the Rosary, a method, that is, which having already obtained currency among the faithful, was the more easily. Ajjhfiir-feuds, and to unite their hearts in mutual charity. Needless to say, h was well received by the holy Pontiff, who fully entered int all his plans7 alidraniM'htfriiseveral Briefs, one of which addressed to the prelates of Spain, recommending all th religious of the Order to their favour and protection, i dafed as given.

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